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This is so beautiful trekking .Good and opportunity this years 70 euro pr person

by PG

Manaslu &Tsum valley Trekking Trails Update After Earthquake and Avoid the road…

16 Days program

Frist day Kathmandu to Gorkha Arught Bazaar by bus maybe 6 to 7 hours.Gorkha Arught is Newar & Gurung village and beautiful Gorkha Durbar…

2’nd days we are start walk on the Trekking Trails Gorkha Arught to Gorkha Arkhet Bazaar maybe 3:30 hours there is lunch place.after lunch countinue walk maybe 4 to 5 hours Arive soti khola camp there we are stay at night.

3’rd days soti khola to lapubesi is lunch place after lunch we are countinue walk 5:30 hours Arive machhakhola camp we are stay at night.

4’th days machhakhola to khorlabeshi 3to 4 hours there lunch place after lunch we are countinue walk 4:30 hours Arive jagat camp place we are stay at night.

5’th days jagat to philim lunch place and we can see many village and sringi himal(mountain) after lunch we are walk philim to Deng maybe 5 hours Arive Dang stay at night.

6’th days Dang to Bihi maybe 2:30hours Bihi is beautiful place there we can do teak lunce after lunch we are sometime rest an then we can doing start walk we are continue walk 5to6 hours Arive Namrung stay at night.. Namrung is very beautiful village there is permit check post,Hydro power nice view of siringi himal & Ghanesh himal there is (mountain)we can see nearly …

7’th days Namrung to Lho is lunch camp because there is very high Altitude so that we can not go fastly.Lho is must beautiful place Numrung to Lho maybe 4to5 hours Arive an frist we can teak lunce after lunch we can visit Ribung Gompa view of Manaslu &kandjur scripts Monastery and stay at night there..

8th and 9th program days Lho to Sama (Ryo) this place famous name is Sama goun this place is most beautiful there stay two night because there is very visit place Manaslu base camp, pung Gyen Gompa, & Birendra tal(lake) and looking very nice view of Manaslu, larke and Naike peak ..

11’th days Sama goun to Samdo maybe solwly solwly 5 hours this lunch camp Samdo is nice place we are visits there Taka choeling Gumba, view of Naike,pangbuche peak ant tibit border side an stay at night there..

12’th days Samdo to Dharamsala 5to 6 hours an frist take lunch after then we are visit free land and view there we can see belu sheep, mountain got and mammoth and back to Dharamsala stay at night..

13’th days Dharamsala to Larkya la pass 5160m Dharamsala to Larkya la maybe 5 hours Arive there that’s we will carry pack lunch there is no hotel no house only mountain and snow mountain this place is most beautiful and we can see meny view Kangguru, Annapurna 2’nd, Himlung cheohimal,Gyaji Kang, larkey peak, Namjung himal and Ratna chuli etc we can see and tack picture something 2 hours after then we go down maybe 3to 4 hours Arive Bimthang and rest there and we can see others super view Lamjung & Manaslu(NE), Phungi(s-face), Himlung and cheo Himal.we are stay at Bimthang one night..

14’th days Bimthang to kharche maybe 4 hours there is lunch place after lunch we are walk continue 3to4 hours Arive dharapani there stay at night..

15’th day dharapani to besi Sahar 6to7 hours by jeep an ofroad driving Arive besi Sahar there we some market visit and stay at night..

16’th days we can come in Kathmandu bus or jeep an then finish our trip.

After then if you have enough time visit Kathmandu pasupati nath Temple and sowyabhu nath and boudha nath etc.

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